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Hugging the shores of Lake Diefenbaker in Central Saskatchewan is some of the best gravel and trail riding we have found anywhere. Join us July 13th for a 2 day Fondo style lap of the lake.

Starting Saturday Morning in Danielson Provincial Park  along “The Great Trail” and looping south around the Qu’appelle Dam. Halfway to Riverhurst we ride right up to the edge of a massive crater where we will crown the 2019 Queen and King of the Crater. Finally, we sweep west towards Riverhurst and on to the Palliser Campground for an evening of feeding and  war stories from the road followed by a campout  by the shores of the lake.

Sunday Morning, we join the Riverhurst Lions Club for a pancake breakfast before a short ride to the Riverhurst Ferry for a morning cruise to the West shore of the lake. Climbing up out of the valley and heading north towards the wide open grasslands on the west side of the lake. Next, we ride around the northwest edge of the lake on abandoned railways and trails making up some of the more adventurous parts of the route. The spillway and dam  give you a chance to settle into a nice spin before diving back onto the Trails through Danielson park for the final home stretch to the finish


Registration Fees

$150        Steelhead Category—Camping Option including gear transport               to / from Camp site

$125        Cutthroat Category—Bike Packing  / Non-camping  / Self supported by friend / family Option

Early bird discount of $15 for  Steelhead, $10 for Cutthroat Available till May 15th

** We reserve the right to cancel the event if 20  registrations have not been received by June 15th

 Date and Time

July 13th and 14th (Overnight camping)

Day1 Sign on at 8:00 AM Start at 9AM

Day2 Breakfast at 9:00 AM Ride Start 10AM


 Event Description

-          One lap of the Northern Half of Lake Diefenbaker (Crossing at Riverhurst Ferry).

-          Ride will use a mix of hiking trails, gravel roads, community pasture tracks and a minimal use of paved roads.

o   Alternate Route will remove hiking paths and community pasture in favor of gravel and paved roads. Start Stop locations and Water points will be shared between both routes

-          Timed portions are done with Strava. Participation in the timed portions will require the ability to track and upload segments to Strava for ranking. 

-          Includes campsite, group Breakfast and Supper cookout at Palliser Regional Park just south of the Riverhurst Ferry.

Overhead Map 001.png


Day 1 - July 13th

Sign on: 8:00AM

Start: 9:00AM

5-8 hours (Based on 15-20km/h)

Day 2 - July 14th

Breakfast: 9:00AM

Start: 10:00AM

4-6 Hours (Based on 15-20km/h)

Finish: Approx: 3:00PM to 4:00PM

Alternate Route Info

There are some participants that may want to ride a more traditional gravel/paved route without the off-road trail sections. For those riders, we will provide an alternate GPS file or route card that bypasses the rougher sections of trail in lieu of gravel and minimal paved road sections.

For more information please contact us HERE

Route Info

Day 1

Distance: 115km

Legs, 1 and 2

Starting at Campground overflow in Danielson Provincial Park northwest of Elbow. Location TBD. Follow The Great Trail (The Trail formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail) South to the southern camping area of Douglas Provincial Park.

Leg 3

Cross the Causeway Southwest along the same direction as the Railway. Exact summer route TBD but in general. Head West along gravel roads in region towards Riverhurst.


Group camping at Palliser regional park

Supper and Breakfast Provided

Day 2

Distance: 85km

Leg 4

Cross Riverhurst Ferry

Follow paved road and head straight on 373

Marker on right turn to Hitchcock Bay (Possible Rest Stop)

North at Hitchcock Bay

Route through community pasture


Gravel Road straight north to Coteau Beach / Dunblane

Follow track towards Gardner Dam

Leg 5

Track north end of Diefenbaker along Trans Canada Trail through Danielson Regional Park


Recommended / Required Equipment

 Required Equipment


Bike appropriate for 100km+ / day on mixed trail and variable gravel road conditions.  Gravel Bike, Cyclocross bike or Mountain bike recommended (In order). Trails are non-technical, but some parts have rough surfaces.

For Cutthroat riders who are bikepacking the main route, the gear should be well secured for rough trails. Even alternate route riders should be prepared for marginal gravel conditions including washboard and rougher sections.

GPS Capability or paper navigation skills

It will be necessary for all participants to be capable of navigating the course without external assistance, and more importantly, to be able to return to the course if one gets off track.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone for emergency and non-emergency event assistance. Riders may have long waits for the sweep vehicle, so should be prepared to communicate with emergency services independently if needed. A list of emergency numbers will be provided at the event sign on.

Our initial checks for Cell coverage have indicated that coverage is good for most of the course with a few small coverage shadows in low lying regions. In the event you require cell service in one of those zones. Please proceed to higher ground and re-attempt. We will be providing extra attention inside those zones for safety reasons.


Appropriate clothing for Saskatchewan summer conditions including wet weather gear.

Camping Gear

Camping gear including Tent/Bivy and sleeping bag if using event arranged group camping

Bike Repair Kit

You will be more than 100km from any bike shop, so you should be capable of repairing your bike en-route sufficiently to allow you to finish the event. In the event of a major equipment failure, we will transport you and your bike to the start/finish line


Navigation Aids

We will provide GPS files compatible with most popular GPS devices. Please be familiar with the process for adding that to your GPS device. Assistance may be available prior to the event on request.

As an alternate a paper map including cue sheet for main and alternate courses will be available on request.              

Gear Transport (For Steelheads, not Cutthroats)

We will transport 1 large Duffel bag per participant containing whatever you need for the Saturday Evening campout. Please do not count on this being available during the riding portions of the event.

Group Campsite

Camping on July 13th at Palliser Regional Campground just outside Riverhurst. Campsite fees covered by the event.


Supper July 13th and Breakfast July 14th

During Event

Safety and sweep vehicle for road portions.

Unmanned Water stations en-route

Some of the most amazing views and roads in the province!!!